Pathways Wisconsin

Regional Career Pathways in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Regional Career Pathways (RCP) approach provides high school students career pathways that reflect local region needs with employers, education, and economic and workforce development.

RCP allows students to participate and complete a pathway by:

  • taking a sequence of aligned courses

  • earning industry-recognized credentials

  • enrolling in dual college credit courses

  • participate in career and work-based learning

  • accessing Career and Technical Education (CTE) organizations

Business Management & Administration

Students who follow a business administration pathway could enjoy careers in management, marketing, or finance. The future of business is ever-growing. From small start-ups to massive corporations, the possibilities within the business administration pathway are endless.

Architechture & Construction

Architecture and construction are among the fastest-growing industries, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Students on this pathway can expect a career that includes designing or building buildings, engineering highways and utility systems, or surveying and diving land for use.

Digital Technology

Digital technologies are an essential part of modern business. Students on this pathway will enjoy careers in digital technology, data, and integrated technology.

Health Science

The healthcare field is growing as the population continues to live longer and needs more assistance. Demand for healthcare employees is vast in every sector in the industry.


Manufacturing takes raw materials and transforms them into goods that are useful for a consumer. Today, advanced manufacturing technologies allow for cleaner, more robotic technology to improve products and processes.

STEM - Energy

Students desiring a career in energy will develop the skills needed to provide us with a cleaner tomorrow.