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Xello is the online tool available for FREE to all Wisconsin Garde 6-12 students as they engage in Academic and Career Planning. Access ready-made lesson plans and resources to embed Academic and Career Planning in your classroom using Xello. Consider adding Inspire, which embeds Wisconsin employer information in the Xello platform.

Through partnership with other education software and service providers, Xello offers integrated add-ons to

enhance the program experience for your staff and students. These services complement the work your students

are already doing in Xello, with access embedded into the program.

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Xello 6-12 Support

Get started on Xello with this Getting Started guide. Articles and videos assist you in making the process as easy as possible.

Choosing a college is tough. This guide allows students to compare two of their college choices to ensure they find the right fit for them.

The Employability Lesson allows students to explore skills they can utilize in future jobs, such as academic skills, critical thinking skills, preparedness, and adaptability, among others.

Xello Scope and Sequence Guide

Xello's Scope and Sequence is the ultimate guide for what to do at each grade
level 6-12.

This guide helps students understand the possible pathways they may have when pursuing and advancing in a career in their field of choice.

Students can explore a company through the Explore Companies Lesson. This lesson gives them a platform for understanding more about a company and potential careers when they begin their job search.

Xello provides tools for students to compare two career choices using their 7th Grade Biases & Career Choices lesson.

Students have an abundance of majors to choose from. This guide allows students to explore the career clusters and coursework required for a specific major.

Huddle Boards allow students to learn about career fields that interest them and connect with mentors while practicing communication and networking skills.